Audi Leasing vs Financing

Audi Leasing vs Financing

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When it comes to getting your next Audi, we know that there are a lot of different ways that we here at Audi Gainesville can make sure that it fits in your budget. This is a big concern for many people, as they want to make sure that they get the best vehicle around, but they can't break the bank to do so. That is why there are options such as leasing and financing, which give you monthly payments that are much easier to stomach than paying in cash upfront. But which one is better? We can say that both are great options, and that it mostly depends on your own current needs. Down below we are going to be looking at leasing and financing to help determine which one might be better for your own situation. There is no wrong answer here, just a way in which you can be more financially savvy when looking at a new vehicle. No matter what you want, our financing center is here to assist!

What are the benefits of financing a vehicle?

We know this is a fairly broad question, and the benefits will far extend out of what we mention, but we want to give you a better idea of what financing can do for you in the long run. Perhaps the biggest difference is that when you finance, you will eventually own your vehicle once it has been paid off. That means that there's no real expiration date to ownership. We can say that loan monthly payments are generally higher when you opt to finance, but that's purely because you're paying off the entirety of the vehicle, and not just the depreciation. To add to that, you can recoup some of the money thanks to owning the vehicle and being able to sell it at any time you choose. This means that the money is still going somewhere, it's going into the value of what you drive into work every day. Another major perk is that there are no restrictions when you finance. You can drive as many miles as you choose, make as many changes as you deem fit, and you keep track of the wear and tear. Your hands are not tied behind your back with anything. The vehicle, in the end, will be yours.

What are the benefits of leasing a vehicle?

While we highly recommend considering financing as an option for your needs, we do know that leasing might be better for some people, depending on their financial situation and how they approach new vehicles. The first thing to note is that monthly payments are generally lower than when you finance, thanks to the fact that you are only paying for the depreciation of the vehicle, and not the overall cost. Another benefit is that you'll always have the latest vehicle, as contracts are usually for around three years, and after that, you can get another new vehicle! Leasing is especially great for people who love having the latest and greatest, and likely don't want to go into the shop as often as one might with steadily aging vehicles. While there are some limits to the number of miles you can drive, you can pay for additional mileage if you intend on driving over that.

Leasing vs Financing at Audi Gainesville

No matter the option you end up choosing, we know that we can get you behind the wheel of an Audi that is ready to assist you at every step of the way. These are great vehicles that you can rely on for comfort, technology, and power. Here at Audi Gainesville, we are determined to give you the help you need to make the right decision based on your financial circumstances. Stop by today, and let our financing center get to work for you!

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