Audi Maintenance Services Gainesville, FL

Audi Maintenance Services Gainesville, FL

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Each and every Audi model needs routine maintenance for optimum performance and it is vital that drivers take care of their Audi models. With the help of our service center here at Audi Gainesville, you can do just that. There are a number of maintenance tasks that we can help you take care of. We are going over them below, so keep reading!

Maintenance Services Offered at Audi Gainesville

Wheel Alignment: Did you know that your Audi's alignment can affect how the vehicle handles, components of the suspension, and even the lifespan of your tires? There are several reasons that your wheels can fall out of alignment including potholes, component wear, and even hitting a curb or two. If your wheels are out of alignment, you will notice that your Audi is pulling to one side, with just a small movement of the steering wheel the steering is erratic, or your tires are wearing down faster than usual. Our service department can take care of aligning your wheels for you, ensuring that your wheels are all pointing in the correct direction.

Transmission Service: It is important to check on your transmission fluid. We will follow the Audi guidelines on transmission fluid and fluid changes to make sure that it is at the correct level each time we work on your model. When we check on your transmission fluid we will look at the color, a dark or burnt looking fluid signals that the transmission is overheating and with continued use without service, internal damage is imminent.

Brake Service: Here at Audi Gainesville, we can also take care of your brakes and brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it can absorb water and even though the system is sealed, water can be pulled into the system. This leads to corrosion of the braking system. We will check on the condition of your brake fluid and if it is a dirty dark brown color, we will flush it and replace it. When checking other parts of your brake system, we inspect the rotors/drums, calipers, the brake hose, parking brake cable, brake reservoir, dust cap, and more.

Oil Change: We also offer oil changes. Routine oil changes are vital for the optimum performance of your Audi vehicle. These changes help reduce metal shavings, dirt, and dust that are picked up which can result in sludge. This sludge can wreak havoc on your engine, creating friction that will ruin engine parts and even make the engine work harder, leading to reduced fuel economy.

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You can take care of all your routine maintenance here at Audi Gainesville in Gainesville, Florida! Our service center is staffed with highly-qualified technicians and mechanics that will take the utmost care of your Audi vehicle, ensuring that you can get back to life in no time! To schedule an appointment with our service department, simply give us a call or fill out our appointment request form and our service advisors will reach out to you to confirm the details. We look forward to helping you take care of your Audi model for years to come!

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