Why Buy Pre-Owned Models?

Learn All the Benefits to Buying Used in Gainesville

You know why buying a new Audi model is the dream, but do you know why a pre-owned Audi model may also be a great fit? We check each car to ensure they're in top shape to go home with other drivers, but what other benefits are there to buying used?

  • Lower Prices are often the main selling point, and Pre-Owned Audi Q5 SUVs give you a lot of reasons to love this perk.
  • Pre-owned Audi Q7 SUVs also give the benefit of a lower monthly payment depending on financing terms.
  • With Pre-Owned Audi models near Gainesville, FL, you also can expect to find many of the same features offered in a new vehicle.
  • If you've heard the phrase "Variety is the spice of life," you know they must have been talking about Pre-owned cars because our inventory offers Kia, BMW, Ford, Toyota, and more brands besides Audi.
  • Variety also extends to the model year, so you may end up finding something vintage that has enjoyed a long life -- and has a lot more miles to offer.

We encourage all of our customers to check out our used model inventory for a variety of models, body styles, brands, and more. Reach out to us with questions, and we'll be glad to get you into the right used vehicle today.


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