Batteries & Charging Systems for Your Audi Vehicle

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You know that your car's battery is responsible for sending power to the rest of the car, letting you start it and enjoy the radio during your commute. Did you know that there are other parts responsible for powering your Audi A4? Aside from the battery, your vehicle uses a starter and alternator to get going. What are these parts?

Alternator: You've heard about it, but do you know what it does? An alternator does two things -- it recharges your battery while your Audi Q5 is running, while also assisting your battery in operating the electrical components, including your headlights and radio. When this isn't working properly, your electrical systems could act erratically, or your engine could suddenly stop.

Starter: As you turn the key on your Q7, you are turning the starter. This cranks the engine, and when it isn't working right, it may be difficult to start or may not at all. These issues are usually due to mechanical failure or breakage.

What to Look for

When your vehicle is having trouble with its charging systems, there are signs to watch for. Here are a few to be on the lookout for when you're starting or driving your S5.

  • Ensure your terminals are always clean and free from corrosion
  • If you notice your electrical systems are operating strangely, mention it to our team
  • Be sure to bring your vehicle in if it is taking longer than usual to turn over
  • Batteries are susceptible to extreme heat or cold, which could affect their lifespan of three to five years

Our service team has the tools and supplies needed to handle the needs of your battery and charging systems, and we use only OEM-approved parts. Using the parts that your Audi A3 was built with is key to ensuring its longevity. Stop by today or make an appointment online and we'll be glad to get you in to see our service team.

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