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While some customers may think of the routine oil change as a hassle rather than an integral part of maintaining your Audi A3 or Q5. This simple maintenance appointment can save you a lot of money in the long run while also reducing the chances of a more serious issue developing. You don't want to risk having to replace the engine in your Audi S5 because you missed the oil change, and since you know what your Audi model is capable of, you can understand why regular engine oil changes matters.

Why Is Oil So Important?

It doesn't matter if you drive an Audi A4 or an Audi Q7, oil changes give your vehicle the support it needs to do its job. When your engine fires up, it begins to create heat, and if you don't have oil between the working parts, there will be too much friction and heat, causing serious damage to your car. As you drive, the oil begins to break down and collect debris from the road that might otherwise impact your engine, and the heat of the engine causes the oil to become thick like varnish.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend taking the following steps at regular intervals in accordance with your owner's manual. When your vehicle needs an oil change, bring it to our team of Audi-trained technicians, and we'll remove the old oil, change the filter, and replace the oil with fresh stuff that can continue to reduce wear and tear.

You've been making great memories in your Audi car or SUV, so let those good times continue by taking proper care of it with oil changes. While your vehicle is here, we also take a look at it to catch any small issues before they become major ones, letting you get on with your day without interruption. Our team can ensure you have the right engine oil, OEM-approved parts, and we can see to it that if you're the DIY type, you also have access to the right tools for the job. Don't let the miles add up -- make an appointment today and let our team handle your oil service efficiently and expertly.

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